I have been arranging music for decades now. Mostly for piano and voice, but occasionally for choral groups, instrumental ensembles, organ, and solo piano. Most of that stuff lies in a box in the basement of my sister’s house, still in manuscript form. Most of it, I played the keyboard part for, and often that was left only partially written out.

Lately, folks have been asking me to write out fully realized versions of the music that I have arranged for them, so I have been doing that on Finale. Right now, I don’t have any arrangements for sale, but you can listen to several examples of music that I have arranged by hovering over “Arrangements” on the menu and clicking on the pieces that interest you. I have sheet music available for these, but not for sale. If you are interested in any of these, or in a custom made arrangement, please contact me!

phone: 414.573.4666